Summer Plum Galette

Summer Plum Galette

I personally prefer making galettes over pies.

1. they require less equipment and 2. the rustic look is very forgiving in case you mess up.

whether i was making pie, galette, tarte tatin or any fruit related recipe the first thing i always do is taste my fruit! You’ll always have a clearer idea on how sweet or sour your end result would be if you initially knew the sweetness level of your fruit. 

For the crust here i used an all purpose pie crust recipe, the only difference is that i add a small amount of sugar to the ingredients and a tablespoon sprinkled over the edges of the galette. I think that it has been said over and over again, but the secret to a flaky melt in your mouth crust, is to always use cold butter and ice cold water. And remember not to be intimidated when it comes to dough making, if you make a mistake you can always try again :)

Lastly, what brings the fruit and crust together here is a simple basic vanilla cream filling that takes exactly 10 minutes to make. you can also make it ahead of time and use it just before baking.



[[ recipeID=recipe-9l5arjjtb, title=Summer Plum Galette ]]






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