Almond Orange Baklava

Almond Orange Baklava

Hello, dear readers! It's been a while since my last blog post, but I'm thrilled to be back!

Ready to share some new, easy, and incredibly delicious recipes with you. Today, I'm bringing you a delightful treat – homemade Baklavas.

One of the reasons I love this recipe is its sheer simplicity. You can whip up a batch of 10 large, loaded baklavas in just an hour.

My Personal Notes:

  1. Almond Prep: I used whole raw almonds with the skins on and used a Nutribullet to grind them into an almond meal. You don't need to make it super fine; leaving some larger almond chunks won't affect the outcome.

  2. Orange Choice: While I used a naval orange for this recipe because of its scent, any regular orange will work just fine.

  3. Baking Rings vs. Without: I tried two batches – one with baking rings and one without. Both turned out okay; the dough didn't unfold without the rings. But, admittedly, the ones with the rings looked a bit better.

  4. Enhanced Flavor: To extract more aromatic oils, I recommend rubbing the orange zest with the sugar before using it.





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