10 Minutes Granola

10 Minutes Granola

If you’re lazy - like me - but you’re still looking after your waist line, then this recipe is for you.


It literally takes 10 minutes to prepare - aside from baking time.


But why should you make your own granola?


1- No added BS, you will be nourishing your body with nutrient dense ingredients without the extra sugars, preservatives nor the hard to pronounce ingredients.


2- You can tailor the ingredients to your taste. Choose the nuts and seeds you prefer, swab the maple syrup with honey or agave. And runny nut butters will work great in place of the coconut oil.


3- Also, i personally hate how store bought granolas are usually overly sweetened (even the sugar free ones). This recipe has the right amount of sweetness as it is, or you can add more or less sweetener to match your preference.   


4- Its too easy, too good and you can’t mess it up.


5- And you’ll be able to accurately calculate your macros.



lets jump into the recipe!


 [[ recipeID=recipe-9l7q2hfe2, title=10 minutes granola ]]

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