Why consistency can be more important than quality

Why consistency can be more important than quality

For 7 years in the coffee industry, the sole purpose in my career was creating that perfect cup.

Striving to drink that perfect espresso in the morning where all the flavors are perfectly balanced complimenting one another.

Learning from the best in the international trade.


The day came where I created this perfect cup, I wasn’t just happy, I was over the moon!

With the feeling that everything done to hone my skills has come to these few sips of this creamy brown liquid gold.


I must have more!


I prepare my next shot of coffee and proceed in brewing,

I advance to sipping with the expectation of sweetness, bitterness, body, and that perfect aroma.


Yet I tasted a completely different profile of coffee. My world was shattered.


What was the point in having the perfect espresso if I can’t recreate it every time?


I took it upon myself to understand why, and I understood.


For Success, Consistency is key.


Being skilled at preparing beverages isn’t about having the nicest Latte art, coolest presentation, or the whole charade in the coffee experience.


It’s about recreating the same experience for a person every single time.  

People would rather have an 8/10 cup of coffee every time, than a 10/10 cup occasionally.


And if that experience is one of high quality, they will be returning customers.


For example, we as humans go to our haven, home. With the Knowledge of absolutes, whether it’s a routine that you are used to doing, or the simple fact of having your bed accessible to you.


This applies to your local coffee shop, as people will come back once they feel that they know what they are expecting once they are there.

Additions are acceptable such as new drinks, but existing drinks that they love are sacred and are untouchable.


So, what are some things generally in our control to keep consistent?



◦ Barista / Roaster Mood

◦ Milk Temperature

◦ Espresso Profile

◦ Tamping Pressure

◦ Presentation

◦ Hygiene


◦ Coffee machine quality

◦ Coffee machine pressure

◦ Group Head Temperature

◦ Grinder quality

◦ Portafilter Basket

◦ Shower screen

◦ Water Filtration

◦ Milk origin


What is out of our control?

  • Ambient roasting temp.
  • Green beans age.
  • Extra fresh coffee.
  • Small Temperature fluctuations in coffee machines.
  • Store Water Pressure.
  • Weather affecting machinery.


If these are maintained constant, then you are en route to doing all you can for a consistent experience.

Author: Hamad Al Majed


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