Precision  showerscreens .. do we need them?

Precision showerscreens .. do we need them?

The whole coffee community is going crazy over custom shower-screens.

But what is a shower-screen? And why do we need it? 

Lets go back to basics on that,

A coffee machine basically is a big water boiler. It boils water to a certain temperature and keeps it that way.  

Then the water exits through the grouphead (the big thing on the coffee machine that we put our coffee handles on) (imagev: 1)

But the question is, what makes the water flow smoothly and evenly distributed? 


Answer: The shower-screen. 


A shower-screen (Image: 33) points water out in a concentrated direction where we can use it to brew our coffee. 


Im sure you’re thinking okay big deal it does its purpose, why should i invest in a good one? 


Most coffee manufacturers create their own showerscreens with the intention of it doing its job. But since its a factory producing bulk, there are imperfections.

 Such as: 

Small holes not punched in properly 
Microscopic differences in hole size that can cause different droplet sizes
Less number of total holes, creating big bulky droplets.


All of these imperfections will affect your consistency, and will not release the full potential of your extracted coffee.

Companies such as IMS and Pesado create their own shower-screens that will fit into your coffee machine like a stock one would fit.

They also have an option of the showerscreen being coated with a nanotech technology. Nanotech usually fades away within 6 months, less if you’re in a cafe setting. So you need to keep that in mind when you’re looking to buy one.

so if you’re thinking about buying a custom shower-screen, you will need to know their benefits and drawbacks!


Benefits of custom shower-screens:

No defects in hole punching
All holes are checked with a microscope to ensure that they are all the same size. 
Increased amount of total holes which will make the droplets finer and come down as if its an actual shower.

All these benefits will increase consistency and make your coffee taste notes much clearer.

In a perfect world that would be your solution, but once you solve one problem you are faced with another.  

Drawbacks of custom shower-screens: 

finer holes mean that coffee can be clogged up alot faster
Clogged up finer holes will not be as clear as the factory holes


The easiest way to combat this is to clean your showerscreen with cleaning powder more often. 

For home use I clean them after every 2 days with Caffeto cleaning powder and they’re as good as new. For more commercial usage look into cleaning them at each end of shift. 

Author: Hamad Al Majed


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Shower screen should be changed the day you buy your espresso machine, thanks for sharing

Next talk about Shower puck screen, 3ajeeba hal piece

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