Meet the FOMO Guy!

Meet the FOMO Guy!

FOMO an abbreviation of the term “Fear Of Missing Out” it is also a nickname that i’ve earned after my - Obvious - fear of missing out.


Yet my type of fear is a little bit more exclusive…


i don’t seem to have a problem when it come to missing out on events, hiking trips, nights out nor get togethers. It is a very specific type of fear.


So let me re-introduce myself,


Hello, My name is The FOMO Guy and i am afraid of missing out - ON FOOD -


From that fear I started to develop certain traits and habits, but i prefer calling them skills for their added value. I can summarize those skills in 5 main points:


1- I can now make room to consume meals from 7 to 8 places per day, YES per day not per trip.

2- I’ve developed mad research skills when it comes to visiting new towns or countries and I can confidently say that i will always know whats good to eat ANYWHERE on this planet. this skill was mainly developed because time is precious when traveling and culinary experiences represent 50% of my joy during each trip (50% is me being conservative) so basically, i don’t have any time to waste thinking about where or what to eat.

3- I started to create secret menus/off-the-menu food experiences within existing restaurant.

4- I work on my own product collaborations between restaurants.

5-  And one last skill that I might disclose later


So hopefully by starting this series of articles I’d be sharing some stories, secret menus, secret products, host food collaborations and share my personal international food experiences.


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The Grilled cheese sandwich at FIVE GUYS.


FIVE GUYS’ grilled cheese sandwich, is basically American cheese between 2 burger buns, it’s simple & good theres no doubt about that.


What i usually do, is take that grilled cheese sandwich and add an extra beef patty - and no that doesnt make it a burger - just a simple grilled cheese and beef patty sandwich. What makes the sandwich special is the extra grilling of all the ingredients together, that extra hot & melty mouth feel is a game changer. Lastly, the thing that makes a grilled cheese sandwich superior to all others is that crispy aromatic crust formed for the added melted butter. And in this case its the melted/grilled extra crispy mayo crust.


P.S. I do it grilled cheese style on their hotdogs as well *bigA$5smile*


“buttering always works”


The FOMO Guy

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